Want to get Noticed on Snapchat?

Snapchat users also have followers just like any other social media platform. † The app is more than a snap session.† You can choose to send messages and any kind of story you wish to share with your friends and or family.†† One of the most interesting parts with the Snapchat is that it will allow you to see the number of viewers to a particular snap.† If you have posted a snap, you will be able to gauge its popularity by being able to see the number of viewers.† But it is a little different with stories; it is not easy to know how many people have viewed a particular story.

The good thing is that if you find a story interesting, you can view it as many times as you wish without any indication on how many times you have viewed the story.† Once the story has been posted, it can be views by anyone as many times without ever indicating the number of time a particular story has been viewed.† So do not be scared reading a particular story over and over as long as it is still available you can still view it.†† If you love catching up with your friends, buy snapchat views because this is the best forum to do so.† You cannot miss whatís going on.